Hooray for vacation. We took advantage of the Veteran's Day long weekend and drove to Breckenridge for a family getaway. We were in much need of one. Breckenridge slopes open for the season this weekend, and David and Carver were hoping to get a few runs in. I was looking forward to just being together as a family, staring at the gorgeous scenery, and sitting in a hot tub. (I am very easy to please on vacation.) Here's what's happened so far.

It is 5 degrees.
Carver got the stomach flu.
David got the stomach flu.
The entire city of Breckenridge lost power last night.
I scraped the car up against a cement post in a parking garage. I am afraid to even begin to think about how much that's going to cost. (A lot.)

I bet you can't wait to come to Colorado next summer and vacation with me.


hotflawedmama said...

Yeah I'm still excited to come to Colorado.

jayme said...

oh no!!! Not exactly the relaxing carefree family time you were hoping for, eh? I'm so sorry! You guys are definitely due to win some cosmic lottery of goodness very, very soon!

Power outages can be fun (not necessarily when it's 5 degrees, though.) One spring break while I was in college, I drove down to visit some family friends in Santa Fe, and the entire state of New Mexico lost power for 2 full days. We made the best of it and drank margaritas in the dark!

Hope the rest of your weekend is (much, much) better!

Old Men Reflect said...

Never going on a cruise with you.

Laura said...

We have had "getaways" like that. It made me wonder why we bothered. I so hope that things turn around for you. We actually went to Vail on my bday. Got to the condo to find out that someone else was already staying in it. Then, we worked something else out, scraped our car on a pole in the parking garage and I got the stomach flu. The place we stayed was so nice I was nervous the whole time about my toddlers destryong it. It was lovely(sarcasm) and I was exhausted when we got home!!

Chatter said...

Oh big bummer on the sickness! Conner has the stomach flu today and it's been awful. Poor guy. I hope you are all feeling better & the vacation ended up being lovely!! Definitely planning on coming next summer :)