How To Kill Your Husband
Today I am taking part in what I am sure will turn into a murder. David wanted oyster stew this week. The man got a wild hair and started craving the stuff. Him mom always made a pot of it during the holidays, and he just wanted to eat it again. David asked me to pick up the ingredients at the store today, but he told me he'd be happy to make it. I wasn't to worry about it. He's so kind.

Turns out I had a little more time on my hands today than I was expecting so I decided to be nice and make the stew for him. It was then that I ran into an ethical dilemma. Make the stew and give him a heart attack in a bowl, or throw the ingredients away and suffer his disappointment. I made the stew.

I am an enabler. And possibly worse... a murderer. I need to go sit down.

A stick of butter.
Heavy cream.
Bacon fat.

This will not end well.


Mark and Sarah said...

Oh, Cathy, live a little. It's only one pot of stew. Love ya!

Bridget said...

Sounds like a great death to me! Oh, except for my shellfish allergy and all. But I'm all about the other ingredients! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have the right bowls to eat it in? I can't tell you what pleasant memories that brings to me!
-Niece Katie

hotflawedmama said...

Mmmmm sounds like a daydream to me!

Old Men Reflect said...

Heart Attacks!!!! You can't get heart attacks from oyster stew.
Heart Attacks come from living a clean life devoid of stress, cigarettes, alcohol and children.

Please, read up on your medical literature.