(shaking fist angrily at cancer)

What are the odds? Really! What are they? You could almost laugh.

I met my sweet friend Ali almost 6 years ago, the week she found out that her mom had ovarian cancer. It was one year after my dad had died from a brain tumor. We connected in so many ways other than cancer, but I was there for her during a dark time. Fortunately, her mom has had good results from her treatment and has been doing well. Until the last few months. Little things have been off. Her memory. Her mood. Her health has deteriorated significantly. And we find out... the cancer has come back full force. And she has a huge brain tumor. She is going to die. Most likely very soon.

Ali and I went to a movie tonight and on the drive home she broke the news to me. She said, "You're the last person I've told because you're the one person I was afraid to tell. I knew it would be hard." I pulled over and we cried and hugged and just marveled at the craziness of it all. She explained the radiation treatment they're trying and I shared with her that my dad had done the exact same treatment.

And Ali asked seriously, "How did that work for your dad?"

And then we both burst out laughing, because it didn't work for my dad. And we laughed until I almost wet my pants. And then we cried again.

Where the hell is the cure for cancer? Where? Because if I have to go through 10 more years of politicians yelling at one another and stupid wars and wasted resources, there had better be a cure for cancer at the other side of it all. Something to make it all worthwhile.

I'm just saying.


Chatter said...

Ughhh.... Cancer. And while they are finding the cure for Cancer can they please find the cure for Juvenile Diabetes!!!

I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mother. And for the loss of your father. I'm sure times like this make it even harder. Big hugs!

Vivi said...

So sorry for your friend. But what a special thing to share it with a friend who can truly relate.