Just Being Honest

Lately, our kids have been going at it with each other. Over nothing.
He touched me.
She looked at me with a weird face.
He tried to take my napkin.
She won't let me brush my teeth first.
I thought it was my turn to feed the dog.
I can't stand it when he hums.
And on and on and on. David and I are stumped. We've tried just about everything we can think of to curb the insanity, but so far our kids are completely determined to be miserable together. I love blogging about the cute things my kids say and the sweet pictures when they're all smiling at the camera, but I've got to keep it real. This summer has been rough. I'm not sure if it's Carver, whose transitioning into being a pre-teen and is annoyed by anything... or if it's Lily, whose short temper is stretched too thin right now... or if it's Zinabu, who really is a hyperactive pest sometimes. I am sick of breaking up fights and tiffs and arguments over nothing. So if you're in a season where your kids are all getting along, then please be thankful.
Carver and David left this morning to go camping, and then on Sunday I am taking Carver to his camp for the week. I do know that with 3 kids, one is always the odd man out. Taking one child out of the equation means the other 2 always get along. I don't understand why. It's like an advanced math problem that I'll never solve. But I do hope that with Carver gone for a week, Z and Lily will have a good time together, and that all 3 kids will miss each other enough that they'll be grateful to be reunited.
One can only hope.


Vivi said...

I am #2 in a family with four kids. The youngest and oldest are 7 years apart...so we were pretty tightly packed together.

Someone was constantly fighting. We reduced my mom to tears on countless occasions.

The four of us are close now...there is hope.

Mark and Sarah said...

Ugggh. Hoping for respite for you in the coming 10 days. I'm the middle of three, and know my mother suffered from our bickering. I need to call and apologize to her.

Laura said...

Right there with you!! Can't stand the fighting. Thinking school sounds good right about now!

Old Men Reflect said...

Welcome to being a parent. For two years, the three ate breakfast in different rooms. Den, kitchen and front room. First one to bitch, gets sent to their room. One of the others follows and continues fight.
We found that massive beatings only helped us. Kids still fought.

Your Mother used to run through the house, hit me, and yell "Daddy, daddy Jimmy hit me." Until I hit her back, and then I got the living ********* beat out of me by Dad.

Teenagers, preteenagers are just fun.

Ask sometime about Uncle Jack and Uncle Richard using a sharpened hoe and a pitch fork during a fight Or the golf club I hit Unlce Jack with or the compass I through that stuck in Richard's hand. Or the spot light I used to shine on Roberta's dates or etc. etc.

Start drinking immediately.

Kids just have to fight.

I always said: "No kicking in the head."