No question about it. We are having this for dinner. Can you say "uh--may--ziiiiiiing"?

I have a confession to make. I am tired of my kids. And what's worse, they are tired of me. This has been a long week. They wake up at 6:30, eat breakfast, and by 9:00 they're bored, hungry, and whiny. I hate being overscheduled, so I don't jam-pack our day with activities and events, but we need enough structure to keep from giving each other the evil eye. Next week everyone is enrolled in day camp (can I get an amen) and I get to do fun things like clean out closets and take unused items to Goodwill. Really. That is fun for me, so stop your snickering.

One thing that has gone very, very well this summer has been reading the biographies aloud at the dinner table. So far we've finished Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, and Jackie Robinson. Tonight we start Albert Einstein, and waiting in the wings is Harriet Tubman. It has provoked fabulous conversations--we've talked about the Ku Klux Klan, physical disabilities, being brave, having courage, life not being fair, determination, and how to do the right thing. The kids hate when I finish a chapter and they have to wait until the next day to find out what happens next. David and I read aloud to them every night at bedtime, but the biographies have a different feel to them. Obviously, it's educational, but it's has to do with learning history together. It's been a lot of fun.


Rachel said...

Can I just say....I love how real you are!

Old Men Reflect said...

I think that you should go to the lesser side of life: Warren G. Harding, Bush 2, E.D. V. D. Amin,Joe McCarthy. If they only hear about the good guys, they can't compare against the chumps.

Also: (good Guys)- Muhammed Ali, Harry Truman, FDR, Archie Moore and my favorite of good guys with a quirky nature: Casey Stengel.

Your husband will want HHH or Tony Oliva.

Well everyone should hear what your kids are hearing. The minds are opening to knowledge, and that is what is important.

Mama Papaya said...

I am crushing on your idea of reading biographies over dinner. And about to lick the screen over that tart.

Enjoy your fun! Should you ever need a blast of weekend, come on up and I will let you have your way with out basement.

Melodie Monberg said...

Um...I want that tart now, at 6 am for breakfast. yummo!

love the biography idea. do you read it before or after you eat? At the table or in different chairs? My kids jet out of the table as soon as I give a nod, let alone say you are excused. would love to keep them with us a bit longer and this might do the trick!

Bridget said...

You're such a good mom!

Bekka-Reeeeeeee said...

Cathy - how old were the kids when you started this tradition of reading bios? I had the thought as I was reading your blog that your kids are going to look back on this time of their life with extreme fondness....and they will be every well versed about historical figures. I also had the vision of seeing one (or rather ALL) of them on Jeopardy one day! :-)