A few highlights from our trip: swimming, eating, and playing. While we were in Duluth, we visited a water park that had our kids mesmerized. They loved it. Between the water slides and the play areas, my kids managed to expose themselves to levels of chlorine they never thought possible. It was a blast, and David and I managed to keep up with them. While in Mountain Lake, we played till very late at night, ate great (and unhealthy) food, and watched our 3 lovies experience life in a small town. The matching t-shirts they're wearing are from running the half-mile road race. Lily won third place. In the 10-12 age category. She's 9. She accidentally ran in the wrong race, the race for older kids. That was a funny surprise.
It's hard to believe that we've been visiting the same park and events since Carver was a baby. Where does the time go?

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