I am currently sitting in our kitchen, and the cord for our camera is in our office, and I am just too darn lazy right now to get up and get it. So I can't upload new photos for you, but I did find a marvelous picture of London that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Whew... back home from vacation. I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about when Sarah and Tesi are traveling across the globe to Ethiopia to meet their children. My luggage and laundry certainly pales in comparison. But there is still that re-entry that has to happen when you've been away for almost 2 weeks. The laundry is mostly caught up. I'm now back to my regular load a day. And even though I haven't been grocery shopping, my mom had enough milk/fruit/peanut butter in the house to see us through. Sleeping in my own bed has been heavenly, and even the dog is on cloud nine because of our return.

Our trip to Minnesota was delightful. Absolutely great. I wish I could go again and see old friends and Ethiopian families. There's never enough time to get together with everyone. And this weekend a bunch of moms and kids are camping together--and I can't be there. Let the pity party commence.

Shark boy (a.k.a. Zinabu) finally lost his first tooth! We were with David's mom and discussing Lily's braces and Zinabu's teeth and I think he overheard the words "dentist" and "need to pull it out." As he sat there listening, he grabbed his bottom tooth--which was already very loose--gave one great yank, and out it came. He was so proud of himself. Now if he can just get the other one out....

Recently, he was hopping around and chatting with me (he can't hop without chatting or chat without hopping) and he pointed to his brain and said, "Mom, this is my bread and butter. And I don't want anyone messing with my bread and butter."

I'll leave it at that and let you mull it over.

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jayme said...

I just want to throw it out there that if you and Deirdre plan a camping trip / cabin rental next summer, we will definitely come (and I think a bunch of others could probably be convinced as well)...