True Story

Today, I had a moment where I could just relax and read a magazine for a few minutes. I sat down and not 2 seconds later Zinabu plopped down next to me. I gave suggestive "hints" that he could go play in the sandbox or ride his scooter or... look for aliens. But he snuggled closer and said, "No, Mom. I want to be right here by you. I promise I won't make a noise. Not even a peep. You won't know I'm here. Okay?"

2 seconds later.

"Mom, you smell good. Like chili."

2 seconds later.

"Mom, let's talk about our vacation. What are we going to do at Grandma Patty's house?"

1 second later.

"Mom, you know what? Sometimes after you tuck me in I like to pick at my nose. Did you know that?"

3 seconds later.

"Mom, I'm not really talking. I'm thinking out loud."
And such is my life.


hotflawedmama said...

Me: giggling, just giggling

Vivi said...

How many seconds before your irritation with him switched to you're-so-stinkin'-cute-I-could-gobble-you-up?

Mark and Sarah said...

I've missed you!! And the Zinabuisms! So glad to be connected again. Hopefully we can catch up soon now that I'm coming out of the post-adoption tunnel.

Cindy said...