I know you're jealous of how I get to spend my day, but I'm so sorry. Not everyone can have a fun-filled life like mine.

The first half of my day includes standing in the snow (yes, it is snowing here) for my third track day of the week. Hip hip hooray. Frostbite on toes and blue lips. It's heavenly.

The second half of my day will be at traffic court for a speeding ticket. I can't even eat I'm so nervous. I got caught speeding in a construction zone (didn't know I was speeding... seriously!) and I have to stand before a judge and (I assume) get yelled at for being a horrible menace to society. I know you're just drooling over my agenda, but really folks. Only someone like me gets to have so much joy in one day.

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Old Men Reflect said...

Judges don't yell, they admonish.
However, you will wish that he yelled after you pay the fine. (Remember double in construction zones). i know, I scored one of those in February.

Oh yet ye shall wish the day to return when there is no school area in which to stand, children to herd and tears to wipe away.

It is a bitch when the body is old and the mind is still the same.