All In A Day
Yesterday was the last day of school. It was (finally) warm and sunny. It has been such a long, cold, wet spring that the end of school just snuck up on us. It sure didn't feel like summer vacation was right around the corner. But yesterday was perfect. 80 degrees and sunny. Zinabu's kindergarten class spent most of the day outside goofing off. Here he is in a water balloon toss. He took it way too seriously and got mad when his partner dropped the balloons. Somebody needs to get that kid to chill out.

And here are some of his classmates getting doused with a watering can from their teacher. Zinabu is right in the middle. You can see the back of his head.

Below is Mrs. Watson. She has been the kindergarten teacher to all 3 of my kids and she... is... awesome. I was helping in her class when Lily was in Kindergarten when I got "the call" about Zinabu. She was there the first day Z came home, bringing us dinner. She is our friend in and out of the class, and she's amazing. Zinabu could barely hold a pencil the first day of school, and now he's writing paragraphs. We love Mrs. Watson, and I cried a good long time yesterday knowing our time with her was over.
And below is Mr. Watson. He is the 1st grade teacher. And yes, he and Mrs. Watson are married. The Watsons love all our kids and have inspired them and cared for them in and out of the classroom. Mr. Watson has a Harley, and he told Carver that if he kept a good attitude and always worked his hardest, he could earn motorcycle rides. Carver needed that challenge, and we were so happy to have another role model in Carver's life that could inspire him to keep doing his best, even when it's hard. Carver earned a motorcycle ride yesterday after school. I could write a good long time about my opinions on high achieving schools with good test scores and psycho parents and average schools with average test scores and laid back families. I'll spare you my dissertation. Our school is average. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Last night we went back to school for 5th grade "graduation." I have known a lot of these kids since kindergarten, and it was a bit emotional. We were so proud of Carver. He won the music award, which is so fitting for him. He will be in orchestra in middle school (and high school), and music is what will save him from feeling discouraged when school becomes hard. Love, love, love Mrs. Lopez, his music teacher. Love her for seeing this potential in him.

We went out to dinner after the ceremony. Here I am with my now middle-schooler. I swear he was just a baby. I can hardly believe this.

Me and my darlings. (Zinabu was too busy eating a hamburger to be in the photo.) I'm trying my hardest to keep them young, but they grow despite my best efforts. My heart is so full.


rebekah said...

We were talking last night about schools and how a racist undercurrent can surprise. Always good to hear about positive places - your kids' school sounds amazing. Supportive teachers are priceless.

Thanks for your quiet prayer for us - it was magical over here.

Old Men Reflect said...

These days are magical.

Later in life, when it hurts to remember, remember these days as if they are the present. Life is a compilation of memories that make as smile and give us hope.

All the people in the past and the future are built by these memories.
As the memories from the good in the past help create the good in the present and the future.

Yours are positive, and thus the smiles on all. Remember your " last days of school" and who was present to help. Ask her who was there for hers.

Bridget said...

Lovely post. As a teacher who knows average schools well, I can tell, your school is ANYTHING but average. xoxoxo Happy Summer!!!!

Vivi said...

Sounds like you've really had a great experience with your school and it's teachers. Maybe it hasn't always been rosy, but your involvement in your kids' lives, the school and the teachers themselves sure make it a better place.

I bet a million dollars they're just as grateful for a mom like you as you are for awesome teachers like each of them.

You're a great role model for me...it lights a fire under my you-know-what to make sure I stay involved.

Sarah said...

I love reading about your family, Cathy. You are a fantastic mom.

I couldn't believe how much I cried on Fiona's last day of preschool--mostly from the loss I felt at saying good-bye to this teacher who has lovingly taught, nurtured, and encouraged my girls for the past 6 years. Hooray for wonderful teachers. So glad your family has been blessed in such a meaningful way.