Yes, I Am Still Alive!

Been missing in action as we are battling strep throat here. It makes for a bummer of a summer (uh, nice rhyme) when we can't go anywhere because one child is so sick. First Lily, now Zinabu. Hopefully we will be on the mend soon.

Summer has been a time of great recovery for our family, though. While I love public school and have been so pleased with what we've experienced thus far, Carver and Lily certainly needed a break. A break from the work and the schedule (although we are the most under-scheduled family I know) and the routine and even the social garbage that goes on between 9 year old boys and 6 and 7 year old girls. We are beginning to suspect that one of our kids has a learning disability, and this was the year that school became tough for them. So having my kids at home has brought out the best in their personalities, caused them to relax, caused them to just play on their own and enjoy being a child. Yesterday we broke out the slip 'n slide and the squeals of laughter made me smile.

And in a final note, happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads I know!

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Old Men Reflect said...

I probably passed along the learning disability. I don't listen well.