This is my 303rd post. Really? I actually had that much to say over the last 2 years? Hmmmm.

It may also be awhile unto the 304th post, because we are leaving for MINNESOTA (the homeland) in a little more than 48 hours. Although I am positive we will greatly regret it, right now we are planning to pull out of the driveway in our fully-loaded van at 3 am Wednesday morning. It's a 14 hour drive to my mother in law's home, and we had to weigh 3 kids whining and complaining all in a one-day drive fest or 3 kids whining and complaining spread out over a 2 day drive fest. I see it as a great excuse to drink as much Starbucks as my body can handle.

We are beside ourselves with excitement about the Ethiopian Kids picnic in the Twin Cities on Saturday. We will be with David's sister, which is wonderful. And to think I will get to squeeze Lucy in real life!!!! The kids get to dance in traditional Ethiopian attire, we get to eat Ethiopian food, and we can schmooze with all the families I so greatly admire and look up to.

I leave with you a photo of Zinabu and part of his nightly ritual. Spiderman pajamas and "the weighing of the books." He gets 2 books read to him at bedtime each night, and it is a very important decision! I mean, can you imagine him picking the wrong story??? Horror! He is so darling in his pj's I could just eat him up. But I try not to complain at how incredibly long it takes him to pick out his books. Sometimes I almost fall asleep sitting there while he chooses.


Bobbi's Book Nook said...

Congratulations on 303 posts! I hope I can do as many.

Jonathan said...

Looking forward to meeting you!

Orrange said...

i'm so bummed you won't be at the picnic here! awesome though that you guys are going to one in the twin cities... have a great trip!

Chatter said...

Wish we were going to be there!! Have a great time :)

Love the pic of Z!

Melanie said...

I can't wait to meet you guys!!!

See you Friday or Saturday!!

Mel and Morgan

Mama Papaya said...

I am going around blowing digital raspberries on everyone who gets to go to the picnic. So thppt!

I mean have fun. I will having more fun (read hiding behind a tree so as to not get yelled at again) at my sister's wedding. Let the jealousy begin.

Say hello to everyone!

Set Ayat said...

While you are in Minn. I'll keep you updated. BunBun ate a hole in the gate the first day you were gone. The Lord prompted me to go over to your house last night, even though you had said it could wait until today. When I realized Lily's room had NO BunBun I thought,"Prison escape, prison escape." Rabbit on the loose!I found her in the laundry room sitting in a corner pretending to be invisible. When I knelt to pick her up, she jumped straight up in the air, over my hand, and kept going. Coaxing her with hay, I managed to lead her up the stairs to the landing. Then coaxed her up to Lily's room. The rabbit proof gate is now put aside. Door closed. Today I sat with BunBun in Lily's room and read a book. How many rabbits have their own Set Ayat?

Anne said...

I hope you have a fabulous time!! Maybe someday we'll get to see you guys in person, too! I hope the road trip was free of horror -- for me, no matter how bad it is, it's ALWAYS better than flying!