This is the girl who...
Fed her rabbit
Cleaned the table
Got dressed
Played with Zinabu
Held my hand
Wrote a letter
Caught a ladybug
Changed her outfit
Swam 2 hours
Fixed her lunch
Changed her outfit
Pretended she was a dog
Played piano
Rode her bike
Changed her outfit and
Told me she liked me
And it's only 2:30!


Sarah said...

Hi Cathy,
I'm a CHSFS'er with a toddler boy from ET. I love your blog. I think I've commented before...I just think you rock. Lily is a cool girl too...I remember the days when I could get as much (okay, maybe not quite as much) done as she does!

jayme said...

What a phenomenal woman she's turning out to be!

Kari said...

Wow! That is impressive. She's got energy, but she gets things done. If only I could get my kiddos to channel their energy into something productive---sigh!

Lily is so beautiful, really amazing!

Stacy said...

she's too cute! Summers are so awesome.

Mama Papaya said...

Six pots of coffee and I wouldn't be up to her caliber. Way to accomplish kiddo.