Zinabu is such a little stinker! (Aren't all kids?) His favorite game is Tease-Daddy-And-See-What-Happens. He also enjoys walking up to anyone in the house and blowing raspberries in their faces. We are trying to curtail that behavior, but it's a tough one.
We are now approaching 10 months since Zinabu's joining our family. It seems impossible that 10 months have gone by. How did that happen? And yet time is the greatest healer, the best medicine, the one element to bonding that helps the most, so I have to say I'm grateful for those 10 months. We have friends that just adopted a young girl (see my previous posts) and as happy as I am for them, I admit I am grateful to be done with the major transition Zinabu had!
Have a fabulous Saturday.

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Mrs. Baker said...

So Ok.....Last week we made the big leap from adopting an infant to adopting a 3.5 year old boy from the WIC list....what can I say it was love at first sight!

I was led somehow to your blog...and I just have to tell you...I have been so stressed these past two days with the transition and trying to get prepared I am just exhausted.

Anyway...I found your blog and little Z's "c is for cookie" and "birthday dance" had me nearly falling off of my chair with laugter. It was like he was there telling me to stop worrying everything would be just fine.

Please tell him thank you for my serious full belly laughs and I hope to keep in touch with you during this transistion.

You have a beautiful family!