Happy Hanukkah!
A happy Hanukkah to our friends the Boyds and the Samuels. The Samuels just returned from Ethiopia with their 3 year old girl. She is doing well, and her eyes about popped out of her sockets when she heard me speak to her in Amharic the first time. They live 3 blocks away from us, and we are so excited to have another Ethiopian child in our lives.

We're in the final countdown until the Christmas play at Lily and Carver's school. C is in the choir and should do a bang-up job. L is in the play and has a VITAL role. She is Elf #4 and has to say, "Yeah, you're the tiniest tree we've ever had in this lot." Personally, I feel that civilization as we know it depends on her line, but maybe that's because I'm her mom. Perhaps I've lost perspective.

This time of year is full of many incredible memories for me, as it was a year ago right about now that we officially switched from our old agency to CHSFS. I was cringing at the thought of (bad) legal action from our first agency, scrambling to re-do all our paperwork, update our homestudy, have papers notarized for the millionth time, and basically wondering if we would ever see this Ethiopian adoption through. I'm so glad we did.

And because Heather can't wait any longer to see some of my amazing Christmas card photos, here they are:


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy
Can you possibly email me the name of a really good Amharic/English dictionary? I ordered one and it is all in Amharic, so I can not read it! LOL! We are waiting for our CIS approval and our new son is 4 years old right now. I would like to study somemore Amharic. We have been playing with the language CD-ROMs. My 8 year old may have to be our translator. She is picking it up nicely. My email address is sales@celticcurls.com. Thanks for any help!

soon to be mom of 5!!

Deirdre said...

Now THOSE are some tidings of joy! So beautiful! Oh, and break a leg C and L.

Stacy said...

I LOVE those photos. seriously cute.

Heather & Adam said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Those are the cutest pictures EVER. The first one is my favorite. That would be one of those holiday cards you just leave up on the fridge all year long! LOVE IT!!!