Do NOT...
think you'll be able to get your holiday shopping done the week before Christmas because your youngest will get the cold of the century and you will not be able to leave the house for 5 whole days. We escaped to the library today and Zinabu about coughed up a lung--so all the other showered and coordinated, matchy matchy moms stared daggers at me and probably assumed I am a 2-pack a day smoker and that's why my child sounds so putrid.

So tonight, at 7:30, I left the house and tried to do all the gift cards for teachers and odds and ends for the kids and my brothers and great-great-great aunt somebody, but heaven knows I can't forget her. Tomorrow is the last day of school, which I LOVE, since it keeps my kids busy until right before Christmas so they're still in a good mood when the big day actually arrives. We will get our Christmas tree this weekend (no, Anne, you're not the last family to put one up). I will probably need to do a little yoga and deep breathing this weekend because I hate clutter and as pretty as Christmas is, there's only so much red and green and mistletoe I can stand in my living room.

Just 5 more days.

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Orrange said...

i love "the showered and coordinated matchy matchy moms" :) he he! I think the same people go to our storytime! Meanwhile, last week I spilled (me, not my daughter, who everyone assumed it was) a venti hot chocolate all over the three of us. Still, we stayed and played. We were going to get dirty sooner or later, why ruin a perfectly good play time!