The best way I can describe the last 48 hours is SNOT. We (or Z, I should say) is swimming in snot. He is in the middle of a monster cold, and even though he could blow his nose perfectly fine last week, the cold seems to have wiped that ability away. He can't figure it out. He didn't sleep last night, and I really can't blame him. He felt awful and couldn't breathe. Just now he said to me, "Bud are you doing wid du combooder?" Translated: What are you doing with the computer? So I'm stuck at home with Z and Z is stuck at home with me. To be honest, it's a nice respite before the frenzy of Christmas. And I somehow made it though last week with packages to ship and school plays and teacher luncheons, etc. So I can tidy up my house a bit, and watch Christmas cartoons with Z, and just be a lump. But by the time David gets home tonight I'll be bolting for the door. There's only so much snot and CandyLand a mom can take.

Notice in the above picture that his cold has not slowed his appetite down one bit. He's shoveling in my turkey chili like I'm threatening to take it away from him.


Katie & Ryan said...

We too are battling a nasty cold here! Kids with snotty noses used to totally gross me out but after this week I am unfazed ;)

Mrs. Baker said...

Awwww! I hope he feels better soon!