We Love School
It was track and field day this week at school. Lots of cheering, snow cones, races, laughter, and joy. When your kids are adopted, you throw your hands up in the air and see where "nature vs. nurture" really falls. One of my kiddos is an incredible athlete and is just plain fast. Trust me, that had nothing to do with me. Strictly genetic. But we have tried to enforce exercise, healthy living, and good attitudes. To cheer for everyone and empathize with disappointment. I think they'll be 55 when they really get the grasp of that, but we make strides every day. One of my kids gave one of their ribbons to another child that didn't have any. Didn't even know I saw them do it. I sobbed. So despite all their great runs and jumps and relay races, I feel like they won it all!

Lily, bustin' it out on the hoola hoop!

Carver, trying the long jump.

Z couldn't participate in Track and Field day, but if there had been a popsicle eating contest, he would have given it his all.

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