I feel a little bit like I've been smacked in the head. I had to have 2 difficult conversations with Carver today. These are the kinds of talks you really only want to have once in a lifetime, but BOTH on the SAME DAY!!! Geesh.

First, he heard me say "Jena 6" and he wanted to know what that meant. I have been following this story for months (click here for a brief summary), but it is just now making national news because of the huge march that took place in Jena this week. I had to tell Carver that there was a fight at a school, and the boys that had white skin didn't get into trouble, but the boys that had brown skin are being punished (at least, that's how you explain it to an 8-year-old). He looked at me as if I'd just told him my name was Poolavez and I'm from planet Yarbyey. The good news was that I affirmed that the rest of the country is saying "This is not fair. This is not right." And that lots of people are marching in that town to make a statement. He was very glad to hear that, and very proud of his African American heritage!

Second, a yucky thing is possibly happening on our school playground before school starts and I had to tell him that, under no circumstances, was he allowed to talk to a certain man. Enough said. I feel very, very angry even writing about it.

Let's hope that tomorrow we can get back to our little utopia of soccer games, cartoons, popsicles, and childhood.


Stacy said...

ahhh Cathy, time to play pirates ... yaaarrrrr. It breaks my heart to think of loosing innocense.

Orrange said...

man, that IS a hard day.