I promised Z that we would stay home ALL day today and that I would play whatever he wanted. So far we've buried giraffes in the sandbox, searched for bugs, captured pirate treasure, driven 1,000 Matchbox cars, pretended to be bitten by poisonous spiders (er, not my favorite), and eaten snacks and lunch. This kid continues to pack food away at an alarming rate. Today he ate 4 pancakes, a banana, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, a whole apple, a whole orange, a veggie corn dog, juice, water, and for dessert...pudding and cheese puffs. You can see he enjoyed eating them in his pretend cave. I have to cut him off for fear he will explode. We are having a great day together, but I find it incredibly hard to ignore the dishes in the sink, the toys all over the house, the unmade beds, and all the other things I could be doing. But a promise is a promise!


Anonymous said...

ur blog sux ass

Anonymous said...

I love your blog i think it is neat that a mother would spend all day playing and enjoying life with your boy. Life is preciouse and dishes wait and toys don't care were they are. your boy will remember time more that a clean house. kutos