What We're Reading

We're halfway through summer and I've read only a smidgen of what I intended. The rest of the family is probably in the same boat. So many books, and so many lazy evenings sitting on the back porch goofing off. Too many books, but not enough rainy days to snuggle and read. I still succeed at promptly dozing off in bed at night when I try to read. However, there have been some small successes.

I read a review about this book by Jeff Chu. I was fascinated by the topic and curious about his question, How can so many people who call themselves Christians and believe in the same God have such opposite views about homosexuality? I'm a third of the way through, and I like his candor and writing style.

An easy-to-read little book on treating your family schedule like a business. Nothing I haven't read or learned before, but still good to read so I am motivated to stay on top of our crazy schedules. For me, reading books on organization is like drinking really good coffee. I love it, and it comforts me, and I can't imagine life without it. I'm weird like that.

Every month I get the latest Runner's World and dive in. I confess I don't have a subscription--I get them from the library. But I look forward to each issue the way Carver is looking forward to his first date. A lot of the information is repetitive, but it keeps me motivated and it helps me continue to set running goals for myself.

I am waiting for this little number to arrive in the mail after the printers run off enough copies for the entire world to read. It's the latest book by a little known author named Jo Rowling. Perhaps you've heard of her?

Carver is currently reading Animal Farm, because it is required for 9th Grade Honor's English and he has to have it done by the time school starts. I can't say he's super happy about it, but I hope some of the message of the book makes sense to him.

And this is Zinabu's current book. He adores fantasy, and even though I try to steer him toward more realistic fiction, he keeps coming back to all things dragon. I guess for a 9-year-old boy, dragons are pretty much awesome.

It's hard to believe we are mid-way through July and summer is speeding by faster than I want. I need more time for books!

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Melodie Monberg said...

Super excited to read the first book you mentioned...on my hold list at library!