Carver after his 8th grade graduation

Seeing how I haven't blogged in months and months, I thought I would take a day to write about each of our kids and give some updates about their current lives. For Carver, I think I can sum up everything with one statement: He is about to start high school.
It's true. My baby is a high-schooler. Is it scary? Absolutely. Is it exciting? Totally. Is it going to be easy? I doubt it. Is it going to be memorable? For sure.
I wasn't too worried about our kids moving on to high school because they were all going to attend the school where David works, but the bottom dropped out of that plan this spring when our district reassigned David to a new school and some bigger projects, which left me reeling with shock. All of a sudden, I was petrified of high school. The safety net I'd been relying on was gone.
But Carver is ready. This happens as your kiddos get older. They move through these incredible transitions but they're usually ready for them. Carver certainly is. He's done with middle school and ready to move up in the world.

Carver and friends
He's the most extroverted person I know, which I'm still trying to understand because he's pretty opposite of me. Case in point: He was home from camp for 5 whole minutes before asking me, "So what are the plans for this week?" Always planning, always going, always wanting to be with friends... I'm trying to cherish every. single. minute. I have with him because as soon as he gets his driver's license, I don't think I'll ever see him again.

He's so thoughtful and caring, as well. He's learning how to give of his time for others and come out a better person afterward. He's pushing himself a bit too. He'd rather play outside than worry about straight As, but he is learning the positive effects of studying and working hard for school. He's getting tall. I'm 5 foot 7 (and 1/2) and he's going to pass me any day now. He's learning he's a good runner and he's going to be running Cross Country for his high school this fall. I am so excited for him.

Carver with ZInabu

He likes girls. He's afraid of girls. He has a million friends that are girls. Girls make up a big part of his day. But he still likes me, and I'll take it. I don't have to work too hard to foster a good relationship with him because he's so easy. My relationship with Carver is so natural, so smooth, so real and wonderful.

He's 14 with the world in front of him. I know parts of growing up will be tough for him, but mostly I'm so excited to see where he's going to go and what the world has in store for him.

I love you, Carver.

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Tesi said...

Love you too, Carver! I die with that last picture!!!