1,000th Post

I'm back.

And it's my 1,000th post, no less.

I know this because when I logged on to Blogger (logging on consisted of me failing multiple times because I'd forgotten my password so I had to reset it and then log on), there was a little section with statistics for my eyes only: number of page views, number of followers, number of blog posts.

I kid you not--it said 999. It was meant to be that I start blogging again.

I stopped blogging for a lot of reasons. Lack of time, lack of happy-go-lucky news, lack of interest in blabbing about myself and my family, and lack of daily routine. Routine went out the window last year when I had three different kids at three different schools.

But a funny thing happened. I began to miss my own updates. Once in a while I would scroll through old posts and exclaim, "Oh yes! I remember that day!" It's amazing how quickly I forget the silly little stories, the odd sayings, the weird happenings, and the happy times.This digital journaling we call blogging that holds endless memories and photos and stories is actually the best way I know how to document my whirlwind life. So for no other reason than to keep on journaling about my children's childhood (for better or for worse--let's be real, folks!), I am going to keep on blogging and just see where it takes us.

P.S.--I've missed you!


Katie said...

I refused to delete the link to your blog because I was hoping, so hoping, that you'd come back! You have been missed!

Chatter said...

We've missed you! Welcome back :)

Julie said...

Welcome Back!

Rachel said...

Yes!! This just made my whole day! You have been missed, friend!

K said...

I've missed you, too!