Book Review
Let's see, recently I read.... (insert crickets chirping). Not a whole lot. I did get a book from the library about Lily's disease, but it was more harmful than helpful. I find that, yes, I need to stay informed, but too much information makes my head swim and causes me to lose sight of today. If I stay focused on today, I am in a much better place. And that's all I need.

I remember checking out something from the library, but I never touched it and had to return it before I ever got to read it. Please understand that I have always been the type of person that needs 146 books next to her bed in order to feel calm. I have always HAD to be reading something. But I don't have much time to read any more, and these days when I go to bed I just watch something on Netflix in my iPhone to escape. Always something funny. Always something to help me forget about everything. It's good therapy.

However, the kids are reading. Carver more voraciously than anyone. It's strange to have a child that is now old enough to be into books that I know nothing about. It used to be that we'd read together, or he would read books that I had already read (like Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia or The Hunger Games). But now he gets the Middle School books of the year list and dives in. He just completed some mystery trilogy, and he is currently reading a fantasy novel about Frankenstein's apprentices. We have found audio books to be spectacular!!!! He can go through them like he goes through his socks: ridiculously fast. If you haven't gotten your kids in the habit of sitting and listening to books on tape or CD, I highly recommend it. I started Carver when he was 4 or 5, and it has been an invaluable tool in his life. He will still sit and play with Legos, and listen to a novel at the same time. And when his brother or sister get to be too much for him, he escapes into his headphones and a book.

Lily prefers non-fiction, which I am still not used to. I just don't know what to make of that. How can you not love a good novel? But she doesn't. She's her own person, and she prefers fact and science to fantasy or fiction. She is currently reading The Secret World of Wild Horses, The Encyclopedia of Horse Ownership, and Horses and Ponies: A Guide for Beginners. (Um, do you see a common theme?) Not my cup of tea but she does read them. I actually just offered to pay her to read a chapter book. She's considering it.

Zinabu is also turning into a book lover, but he doesn't like to sit alone to read. He prefers to be next to someone or reading aloud while somebody listens. Like when I'm on the phone or trying to cook dinner. The problem with that is he likes to stop every fifth line or so to tell you what's going on and give you the play-by-play to the plot. Remember, he's my verbal one. So he doesn't read as much as he could because he runs out of people who are willing to listen to him. I still read aloud to him every night, and he still loves picture books. He's currently reading The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Let it be known I'm taking book suggestions. I need something that is good enough to make me desire to stay up past my bedtime and get lost in its words. Any ideas? Hit me!


hotflawedmama said...

i haven't been reading either because we've just gotten so busy and i feel like something is off in my world. i finally went and rented 3 books from the library to kickstart the reading again.

love you!

Laura said...

I reintroduced reading into my life last year and it has brought so much joy to me. I understand having seasons without reading. I think I went through about a 2 year time period after we began the adoption process to bring Isaiah and Laila home from Africa. It has felt really good to get back into books. You will know when you are ready. Staying up late to read will be something you crave, not something you have to make yourself do.

I know you don't know me, but I have been praying for your family over the last several months.

jayme said...

I just read The Night Circus which was a fantastical escape from the every day. I like to be completely transported into a totally different world, and that book definitely did that for me.

I just picked up The Culture of Make Believe from the library, which isn't fiction, and is enormous, but I'm looking forward to reading it. Half-Broke Horses was one of my favourite books that I read last year. I'd highly recommend it, if you haven't already read it. I've also heard Tina Fey's Bossypants is hysterical (especially on audiobook).

Lily is like Jon. He always has his nose buried in a book, but it's almost never fiction. I don't get it, but who am I to judge. Do you think Lily would be interested in books like Black Beauty or Misty of Chincoteague? There's an entire genre of horse-related semi-fiction that I'd imagine she might be able to get into (mostly written by Marguerite Henry - I read them all as a horse obsessed child).