Stage Hand
This week was Zinabu's 2nd grade holiday play! Entitled "Melten, The Warm-Hearted Snowman," it was cute overload times 1,000. Zinabu, on the other hand, is not so into elementary school musicals. He's not keen on people looking at him--on stage or anywhere else, for that matter. So while all the other kids were getting excited to be elves and reindeer and snowmen and the "town's children", Zinabu was having panic attacks about being in "Melten." His teacher understood his frustration and understood that forcing a kid to do something they really hate is just plain lame. So she gave him the job of curtain opener. He got to stand behind the stage (where no one could see him) and open the curtain at the beginning of the play and then close it at the end. I was so happy that Zinabu was happy. Tuesday night we all went to his play and it was adorable. Our favorite part, though, was when the curtain moved.
Zinabu with two friends who were elves.

At the end of the play, Zinabu was called out on stage to bow. You can see that he bowed quickly and was already heading for the wings faster than you can say "Justin Bieber." I barely had time to take a picture.


Kim said...

you (and Zinabu!) are lucky to have a teacher who "gets it". backstage help is just as important as those who enjoy the spotlight! :)

D said...

My son was looking over my shoulder and pointed to the pic of Z with the elves and exclaimed, "Is that MEEEEE?"

I laughed, but his brother said, "You know....it does look like him."


Must be the jumbo smiles.

hotflawedmama said...

Too cute. Seriously.

Vivi said...

Now THAT is an awesome teacher.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

Love this post, good stuff:)