Christmas Tree, 2011 Edition
We actually got our Christmas tree two weeks ago, but I just uploaded the photos to the computer yesterday.  We've been pleasantly busy this week. By busy I mean busy not doing dishes, busy not making our beds, busy not eating three square meals a day but snacking non-stop, busy playing in the snow, busy playing with each other and the dog, and the kids have been busy snooping for presents. (Mwahahahaha! They'll never find them!)

Every year our National Forest offers $10 permits to chop down your own Christmas Tree. (If you can't get to Bridget's house to get the one in her backyard, this is the next best option.) Every year we make the 30 minute drive, get donuts, and scour the woods for the perfect tree. The past few years we've been able to find a tree rather quickly. This year was a wee bit harder. It took some searching.
Zinabu, ready and excited.

Carver, a little upset he couldn't use a chain saw




Caught eating snow.

Finally found one. Carver begins to chop.

Lots of chopping. We helped by watching and cheering.
Back home with our super-sized Charlie Brown tree.

Our trees are tall and somewhat sparse, but we load them down with colorful kid ornaments. They're often clumped more on one side than the other. Heaviest ornaments are usually hung on small limbs so that the branches bend down and almost touch the ground. I love our trees. I need to take a photo of the finished product, but the memories created each year as we do this are priceless.


Bridget said...

LOVE it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Even better than the one in my back yard! ;)

Kim said...

love me a charlie brown tree. ;) enjoy a very merry Christmas with your beautiful family!

hotflawedmama said...

I'm in love with your tree and your family. I totes would've let Carver use a chain saw. ;)