Looking Closer
You may be wondering why I'm reposting the picture of our family at Breckenridge. (Note: In Colorado, a lot of people refer to Breckenridge as "Breck". For some reason this drives me crazy and I never, ever do it. It's one thing to call Cape Cod the "Cape." That's a witty nickname and everyone in the United States knows what that means. "Breck" sounds like some kind of exclusive club that is for weenies. Maybe it's just me, but now you know.) I digress. I was looking at the family photo from Summer 2011 and noticed something. My kids are getting tall. I'm 5 foot 7. Carver is almost up to my ear and Lily is at my shoulder. I don't know exactly when this happened, but happened it has. I'm happy to report that Zinabu is right at my boobs, so every time he hugs me he's squishing me, but at least he's below my neck. They just keep growing.(My kids. Not my boobs.)


rebekah said...

That Breck thing always bugged me too - not that I've heard it much, but my step step grandmother - of the name dropper type - used to say it all the time when we'd visit them in Keystone. Blech.

Wait, why I am perusing blogs? I need to be PACKING!!!

Vivi said...

You make me laugh.

Laura said...

I absolutely agree with you! It is completely pretentious.