Here Fishy Fishy
It didn't matter that we were surrounded by gorgeous mountains or had perfect weather. There was a pool. Pretty much all we did was swim. And swim. And eat. And swim some more.
Happy Zinabu

Scary Zinabu

A quick peek at the mountains.

More swimming with Lily

A brief rest
Carver poolside
Oops. That's just a picture of my cute husband that I threw in the mix.

Waiting for pizza.


il panettiere... said...

Waiting for pizza? That's WAY better than swimming. WAY.

Chatter said...

Breckenridge is awesome! Beautiful scenery & beautiful family :)

Melodie Monberg said...

Ah we LOVE Grand Timber...keep having fun!

Stacy said...

each day that passes is a day of increased sad that i am not heading out there with the crew to hang with you all.