Ahhhh, it's just a few days before Thanksgiving. It's one of my most favorite holidays. Despite the dark mornings and evenings and colder weather, I do love this time of year. The 8 weeks between Halloween and Christmas. It's exciting and busy and packed with activities. We have plenty to do and still carve out plenty of time to do nothing.

This year we have much to be thankful for. I am so, so thankful for good doctors and the scientists who discover new medication. I'm thankful for those people who have gone before us and been in medication trials--to have gone through the side effects and reported them so we can know what to expect. I'm thankful for technology that is constantly on the cutting edge of finding cures for diseases and illness, that get us one step closer to having health and wellness. I'm thankful for a medication that has Lily feeling the best she's felt in years. We are beyond grateful. We are humbled.

I am also grateful to be Zinabu's second mom. We just celebrated his 10th birthday, and every day that he grows a little bigger and I get a little closer to the day that I have to let him go to be his own person, I am so thankful for today. Thankful that I still have time with him. Thankful he still lets me snuggle him and kiss his curls.

I'm thankful for my legs and feet, that continue to carry me through long, hard runs. I'm thankful for my marriage that is the hardest and most rewarding relationship of my life. I'm thankful for friends and food and shelter. We had a pipe leak from our kitchen to our basement, and it wreaked havoc on our drywall and carpet. We're talking thousands of dollars of damage. But it happened the same week that the typhoon struck the Philippines, and all I could do was be grateful that we still had so much.

So much. Ridiculous amounts of so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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