Under Water
So... the last few weeks have been interesting. Between the weather apocalypse and the back-to-school apocalypse, I feel a little unnerved. I'm pleased to say that I've stayed on top of 9th grade, 7th grade, 4th grade, my job, and every single form, paper, article of homework, lunch, school supply, meeting, appointment, and general there and back drop off and pick up. One of these days I'm going to institute a medal of honor for parents and caregivers who get their students to graduation. It's real life, people. No joke. And I'm not even the teacher. The kids are surviving, enjoying, and dealing with their respective schools and responsibilities. I've declared the 2013-2014 school year to be "The Year I Let Them Fail"--as in, they forget it or lose it or misplace it or don't do it so be it. Apparently it's all the rage among child psychologists, so I'm seeing what happens in our sweet cherubs' lives when it hits the fan here at home. To be fair, I'm not that much of a helicopter parent, but I've done my fair share of rescuing at times. No more. Hear my battle cry to my children: Go out there and mess up! It's good for you!

As for the weather, well... I feel that Colorado has been given the raw end of the deal this year. I'm sure you'd agree. We're pretty speechless. It runs the spectrum of totally horrified by the loss of life to selfish tantrums over trails and parks washed away in the blink of an eye. I feel trapped in the house after days and days and days of rain. Heavy, scary rain. Rain that is so loud it drums on the roof for hours without letting up. I ran this morning in the dark, damp, muddy, splattered neighborhood and felt sick and tired of it all. This is a catastrophe that will take years to recover from. There just aren't enough words.

Things that make me smile, though, include Zinabu at the dinner table trying to talk in a British accent. He's terrible at it and it is precious. Carver's constant hugs and late night talks with me about life. Lily's health and peace and continued love of dogs. There is still good in the world. I'll keep embracing it.

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