What We're Reading

I just finished Wonder, and I can't say enough great, great things about it. Such a quick but deep read, and the main character... Oh. My. Goodness. Go get this book. GO GET THIS BOOK. Seriously, stop what you are doing right now and buy this book. Clear your schedule for 24 hours and read it. Commence weeping. Then, if your kids are old enough, read it with them and talk about it. We're reading it aloud at the dinner table right now. It's definitely a game-changer. It's the kind of book that everyone should read immediately.

I just started Kathine Switzer's Marathon Woman and although I'm only 25 pages in, it's grabbed me. She's a very good writer, and you just gobble up each word. She's the woman we can all thank for starting and revolutionizing the women's running movement. She snuck her way into the Boston Marathon in 1967, was threatened with physical force to drop out, but she kept going. Whether you like running or not, I still think this book is a must-read because she paved the way for all women. I know I take for granted how accepted women athletes are today, but in her day that just wasn't the case. Women were told not to run--for fear their uteruses would drop out of their bodies or they would develop too many facial wrinkles. Whatever. But that was the prevailing attitude not so very long ago. So whether you run, play basketball, practice yoga, or stick with a workout DVD in your basement, you're riding the coattails of Switzer.

I confess I don't know what David's reading at the moment. I think he has an audio book going, which he falls asleep to each night. Probably the same chapter over and over.

Carver is finishing up Lord of the Flies, which is another book he had to read this summer for school. A bunch of boys living on their own on an island. What's not to love?

Lily is reading some book about dog breeds... Sigh. I fear she will never break out of the animal care genre.

And Z is up to his neck in his favorites. He keeps rereading all his Rick Riordan books, but we're also reading Jennifer Murdley's Toad, and it's nice to have a book we can do together.

Can't wait to hear about what's on your nightstand!

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Carlyn Brody said...

Great book selections Cathy! I saw Wonder in the bookstores but have not had the time to buy it. I'm really interested in reading Marathon Woman, I didn't know women were discouraged from marathons in the past.

As for me, I am currently reading Old friends and new fancies by Sybil G Brinton which is an imaginary sequel to the Jane Austen novels. Most characters from Austen's books are included in the story.

I'm also reading Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster, which is about an orphan girl from the 19th century going to college.

Lastly, I am reading Eleanor: Crown jewel of Acquitane by Kristiana Gregory. It is a fictional diary of Queen Eleanor of England when she was a teenager.