I have an acupuncture appointment today. First time I ever wrote that sentence. I have a nagging running injury that I cannot get to leave me alone--despite stretching, resting, and icing. It's preventing me from increasing my mileage, which is not that big of a deal except with fall right around the corner and darker, colder mornings, I am more apt to stay in bed than get up and run. I need to sign up (read: pay money and therefore fully commit) for a longer race this winter to keep me in shape. I want to get rid of this injury, and I'm willing to try just about anything. So enter acupuncture. I'm oddly curious, not afraid of needles, and there's an open clinic here that allows walk-ins and a "pay what you can" philosophy. They ask for a donation between $15 and $35 per session. Their philosophy is that the more affordable the care, the more often you will get treatment.

I agree.

So at 3:00 today I'll be lying on a table with needles all over me. I'll let you know how it goes.

Today is also hair day for Lily. That means taking out braids (that have been in her hair way too long and her hair has certainly started to lock together), washing, moisturizing, and getting it into a new style. It's a 2 hour commitment at the least. I may need acupuncture on my fingers when it's all over.

Today, thankfully, is Friday. That means David can put to rest another crazy week of job insanity and hopefully rest a bit. He and Z have fun plans tomorrow, and I hope to play, rest, and read.

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Laura said...

It is great to have you back in the blogging world. This was "hair week" at our house, too! It feels so good to have it complete!!