On Our Way
And we're off... AGAIN. I am now the expert packer. You name it, I've packed it. This includes flippers. Yes. It does.

Tomorrow EARLY morning we're pulling the Swagger Wagon out of the driveway and heading to Minnesota. My beloved Minnesota. We will have a few days with David's mom and then a brief 36 hours in the Twin Cities to attend the Mehaber. That's the Ethiopian Kids Community annual picnic and family gathering. We plan to hook up with old friends, good friends, and new friends. Friday is my birthday and I get to see Tesi (that's "Hotflawedmama" to the blogging world) and I am about to bust all the seams in my pants I'm so excited. I can't think of a better birthday present... except maybe getting Zinabu to shut up about Ice Age #Whatever opening on that day. Seriously.

So I apologize for another lapse in blogging, but I will return with great photos and stories.



Kim said...

have so so much fun! take it all in for me. i heard it's not happening next year, so count us in for 2014. :)

Rachel said...

Have a GREAT trip!! And take an extra pair of pants in case yours actually do bust at the seams. :)

hotflawedmama said...


that comment about Z is downright hilarious.

See you in a few days!!! Eek!

Jennifer said...

We'll be high fiving you on the road as we head out to Winter Park, CO!

Hope your time with old and new friend is rockin.
Jennifer Scott

Bridget said...