We were very fortunate to be able to escape the heat and the fire over the 4th of July. David's school building was shut down so they could work on the electrical system, so we took advantage of his forced time off and went up to the mountains. We were torn, because so many of our friends were shifting through rubble and ash in their neighborhood. We feel guilty that we have a home while others do not. Through email we were able to still be in touch with many families, even pointing some to a rental house that David learned about. And we were relieved when some of our friends were allowed to move back into the neighborhood and assess the damage. The fire here is almost 100% contained, and each evening at shift change, people line the streets to cheer the firefighters who are coming off duty. Our city has been hit hard, but we have also risen to the occasion. The outpouring of love, assistance, donations, and support is incredible. David's real work will begin at the end of August, when school starts. He will have many, many students who have been displaced.

No fireworks in Colorado this year due to threat of forest fire, but we still had a wonderful holiday.
Played in the creek

Took in some skateboarding

Rode the gondola to the top of the mountain

Actually got along with one another


Cooled off in the pool

Hiked and biked

Enjoyed the scenery


Melodie Monberg said...

Super cute hair Cathy! And how fun to get away!

hotflawedmama said...

I love that picture of Z but love even more the picture of you! Can't wait to see you in a week!