Monday... Again?

Back from a great vacation. Truly heavenly. I slept in. I can't remember the last time I uttered those three words. Months for sure. Possibly a year.

Back to doctor appointments. It's always interesting when the specialist looks at your child, rubs his forehead, and says, "Hmmmm."

A prescription for new meds that are not generic. Lord have mercy.

I feel quite ill-equipped for this. Really, I do. This is borderline hilarious. The side effects of Lily's meds are nothing to sneeze at, and all I can do is pray they don't affect her in any way except positive. Wake Lily up with a kiss, hand her some juice and pills, watch her swallow them, pray for divine intervention, get on with our day, and repeat.

Our trip to London is 99.9% not happening. Oddly, I have not shed one tear. I'm pretty pissed off, but I haven't been hiding in the bathroom with the Kleenex. Yet.

Zinabu is pestering me to start the next Harry Potter book. I like to stretch them out and make my kids wait a while before reading the next one in the series. I think I've put him off as long as I can. He's begun to shoot me nasty looks while holding the book in his hands. I will give in.

Carver is done with the wrestling season. Hooray and amen and pass the extra hours I now have in my day. Love him and love the sport, but glad that's done with for now.

And how in the heck is it that Christmas is less than 4 weeks away? I. Am. Screwed. Don't look for Christmas cards from us this year. If I have a burst of inspiration or time, possibly. But don't hold your breath. Well, I'm sure you don't hold your breath over our holiday cards to begin with, but especially not this year. Today is Cyber Monday and I feel I should be snatching up all that free shipping and super savings, but all I'm doing is picking up stray socks and resigning myself to the fact that I'll be paying full-price for everything in three weeks.



Kim said...

I've been a silent blog stalker for awhile now, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your honesty about your struggles. I'm praying for your family and Lily's health situations.

hotflawedmama said...

Praying for this round of meds!

And go for it on HP. It'll make you feel better too. :)


Old Men Reflect said...

I think you could introduce some Chaucer to Zinabu.