Checklist for Monday

Up early to get blood test for Lily: check
Buy a donut for Lily because she had to get a blood test: check
Volunteer at school: check
Think about what we're having for dinner but not necessarily commit to anything: check
Ignore unmade bed: check
Wear new fuzzy warm boots because even though it's supposed to be 65 this afternoon it was 35 when I woke up and I hate cold feet: check
Stare at the pile of paperwork on my desk: check
Dream of taking a nap: check
Hug the dog (very good therapy): check
Try not to think about the fact that we may have to postpone our trip to London: check
Read Z's favorite Halloween book 20 times: check
Love on my family: check!


hotflawedmama said...

Not London, please not London.

Love you guys. You need me to come visit? I'll do something with 1) making of your bed and 2) pile of papers. :)

rebekah said...

Not London! My first reaction too.

I can help with dinner and also I'd be happy to have another donut, if it would help:)

Vivi said...

You're doing good...one step at a time. Celebrate every victory, no matter how big or small...

AnnMarie & Nick said...

London, this sounds serious. Ugh... I'll keep thinking/praying for your family.