The Post in Which I Try to be Positive

Can you tell school has started? I'm back to my old ways... getting up early, food for everyone, driving everywhere, volunteering, homework, volleyball, music lessons. That means no time for blogging. Or reading blogs. I feel disconnected from my adoption community, not to mention myself. Slowly but surely we're getting back into the groove of the school schedule. As of today, we have not yet been late or forgotten anything of major importance. I don't know what this qualifies me for, but I'm proud.

The past few weeks could easily have been titled "Bye Bye Bank Account." Between the window(s) and a bathroom sink and our brand new dryer and the Certificate of Citizenship fee and back to school and medical co-pays, I'm ready to kiss August good-bye. I could easily wallow in self-pity, but I'm constantly aware that there are worse problems in the world (hello, can you say starvation?) so I try not to give in to it. I am very happy with the progress on my to-do list, which makes August not a total bust. The only things left on my list to finish are our will (have the paperwork, we just need to finish filling it out) and selling the jogger (David needs to fix the tires before I can Craigslist it). All in all, not too shabby.

We had the {BEST} Labor Day weekend ever. The weather was spectacular. We hiked and biked and played and had a campfire with s'mores, plus we saw two mornings worth of balloons for the hot air balloon festival. My kids played like they were on an episode of Survivor: filthy, dirty, happy, and outdoors. A weekend like that makes me greedy for more of summer, but I will acknowledge that I'm okay with fall being right around the corner. It has already arrived in the mountains.

As for today, all the members of my family are at their respective schools, and I plan to catch up on lots of little things. Fingers crossed that no one comes down with a fever or starts vomiting. I feel like I live my life in 45 min. increments. My days are loosely planned, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But isn't that the definition of motherhood? Waiting for the other shoe to drop while trying to get things done. I think so.

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love to you. that's all.