Time To Save The Date

Or pick the date... then we can save it.

The big blogarama-gaga-gathering will be sometime in July. Here. At my house. Be there or be square. With the knowledge that I can't make all your travel plans ideal, we are looking at the weekends in July.

July 1 - 3
Pros: A holiday weekend so more time to travel. Everyone would be likely to come.
Cons: A holiday weekend and Colorado will be utterly packed with people. Travel could be harder. The weekend after the Midwest camping trip and some of you will still be recovering from that.

July 8 - 10
Pros: A little easier to travel. Colorado will still be crowded but not as bad as the 4th.
Cons: Chandra couldn't come because she already has travel plans.

July 15 - 17
Pros: Another weekend when hopefully everyone could come. We're wide open.
Cons: David will be gone that week (possibly me with him) returning home on Friday the 15th. It would be tight but I could make it work.

Vote for what works best for you and I'll just have to decide. I am leaning toward July 1 - 3, but am open to anything.


Mama Papaya said...

My vote goes with yours. July 1-3, but I can make the other two work with a bit of an early departure time. :)

Grandparents on call for all 3. Tickets priced. Doggie spa notified. Ready to roll out west.

Mark and Sarah said...

I'm also voting for the 1-3rd and can.not.wait!!!

rebekah said...

We can do the 1-3rd. We're bringing the kids - is that allright? We'll then head north to Rocky Mountain and make it a family vacation!

jayme said...

The 1-3 is my first choice, especially if it means that Chandra can come! But we will be there no matter what. I'm beyond excited.

cathy said...

that's fine Rebekah... i should talk reservation tips for you. you need to book places now, especially if you want to camp. and do your research on the pine beetle devastation that's affected a lot of Pike National Forest. There are a lot of places left that are still nice, but a lot of campgrounds/parks are, sadly, full of dead trees. yes! bring the whole family!

Chatter said...

Obviously my vote is the 1st-3rd and I'm super, duper EXCITED!!!! I can not wait to meet all you fabulous ladies :) Thanks for getting this organized Cathy!!

hotflawedmama said...

I'd be good for the 1-3! No kids as I'll be flying out. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd actually be good for any of those times but my vote would be to include Chandra and make it as easy on you as possible! :)