What did I say in my last post? That you shouldn't fear your kids growing up? That's all well and good until you send them on a middle school ski trip. He's sleeping in a room with his friends. He took a bus up multiple mountain passes in the snow, and he has to take it back on Sunday. He gets to snowboard for 2 days and try his hand at the trick park (ramps, bowls, half pipes). He has to cook his own food in his hotel kitchenette--where there is no microwave. He forgot his watch but somehow has to keep track of what time it is so he can catch the shuttle off the mountain and back to his hotel. And somewhere in there remember to change his socks and underwear.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you're thinking that there are so many ways for this trip to go wrong, then yes, you're thinking what I'm thinking.

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