Here we go...
This is a good time to start my blog because we have so much progress in our adoption. I began this blog over a year ago, but because we had so many delays and setbacks with our old adoption agency I chose not to post at all. I mean, really, how interested would you have been in reading "no news, no news, and still no news." Not likely, I'm sure. So...without further ado, I am going to try to post regularly so friends and family can check in on the Engstroms. I wish I could post Zenabu's picture, but Ethiopia has strict rules about when you are allowed to post photos of their children. Once Zenabu's case goes to court in Addis (we were informed it would be by the end of this month!!!!) then he is issued a new birth certificate with our names on it as his parents. THEN we can show off our little dreamboat online. So sit tight...and while you wait I'll show you some pictures of Carver and Lily.
Typical Colorado...shorts and T-shirts on Monday, and a blizzard on Tuesday. Today happens to be a nice day so I kicked the kids outside and told them to "be creative." I'll see what happens.

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