the $700 memory maker

I would not call us big spenders. David works in public education--enough said. But it's funny how once you begin paying adoption fees left and right, money is just that: money. In the big scheme of things, we don't care about the finances of this adoption because we serve a big God who promises to take care of all our needs. So we've quit adding up how much all this is costing because it just doesn't matter. Still, with David traveling to Africa in just a few weeks (hopefully), it seemed the right time to update our video camera, circa 1996. We looked around for a while and settled on this little beauty you see in the picture. It is about the size of a large apple and it is amazing. While in Ethiopia, David will take a day to travel south of Addis to see the region where Zenabu lived. This is an incredible opportunity for us and we want to have a recording of each and every second. I also want to be able to view the first time Zenabu and David get to meet, the care center where Zenabu has lived the last few months, the nannies who have loved and cared for him, and Addis!!! So, all of a sudden $700 seems like a bargain! I think you'll agree.

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