My 2011 Predictions

1. My beloved Colin Firth will win an Oscar. Finally. And if he doesn't, well... it won't be pretty.
2. I will not lose 5 pounds. I just like bagels way too much.
3. My children will say something hilarious. (They haven't let me down yet)
4. I will not cut off my hair. It's tempting, but eyes on the prize.
5. I will run in some kind of race, but I'm not sure how many or what length. A marathon sure makes me sound like I know what I'm doing, but as a classic underachiever I may stick to the half or an easy 5k.
6. I will remain angry at Hollywood for their PG movies aimed at young children. They slip in way too much junk. Don't get me started.
7. I will remain a vegetarian.
8. I will lose my marbles over something insignificant--happens at least once a month.
9. I think meeting blog friends from all over the country will be the highlight of the entire year.
10. Although it seems like I can't possibly love him more than I do right now, I will fall even deeper in love with David.


hotflawedmama said...

Love it all! And seriously agree with #1. Seriously

hannapearce said...

Haha, i seriously love your blog. you have potential! You should check out mine.. I'm just starting out and could use some advice.