I Used My Brain--And it still works!

I have a friend that had an extra ticket to an author lecture series at Denver University. So we headed up to Denver last night, ate Korean food, went to hear an amazing author speak, and got home late. All that and my brain could handle it! So even though today I was back to laundry, dentist appointments, cereal, and playing with Matchbox cars, it's nice to know my brain is still functioning when I really need it.

And in other news, Zinabu has hit rock-bottom with socks. We figured out he'll wear Lily's socks if they're inside out. They still bother him, but if we tell him to just try it for 5 minutes then he usually gives it a go and moves on. Another friend of mine who is a teacher told me that kids who have issues with tags on clothes or difficulty with the way clothes feel are often gifted and talented. So maybe if we muddle through the socks issue, Z will wind up at Harvard someday. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

I was told the same thing about my daughter and you know what? It is TRUE! She wears her socks inside out a lot, has to have underwear that has sewn leg holes (no elastics) and we cut out all her tags. She is now going on 11, can sing like Aretha, has straight A's, is writing a book, a play, and designing fashions. He is going to be brilliant and creative!

jayme said...

I was the same way as a child... need I say more?

Deirdre said...

Yet more proof that your friend is right: I had issues with socks and tags as a kid, and I certainly count myself among the gifted and talented.

I read a book not too long ago called "The Highly Sensitive Person" and diagnosed myself as an HSP, in part due to my sock and tag issues. Maybe Zinabu is one of us!